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The Stripper

The spiritual path is like peeling away layers of an onion. What am I peeling away? Delusion mainly, grasping at story lines and beliefs about the nature of myself and the world that cause unnecessary suffering on top of unavoidable suffering.


Often we think meditation is about being calm and peaceful, but this is impossible as we can't stop thoughts. Meditation involves awareness of all our experience, including pleasant and unpleasant sensations, thoughts feelings and energy. Over time, with training, this becomes a compassionate stripping away of grasping and aversion to reveal spacious, loving essence.

For many years I have been keeping written and visual journals using art and meditation as supports for reflecting on my journey with the challenges of practice.


The Stripper is a collaboration with Pema Clark PhD, who devised this one-hour play based on my life, written journals and visual art.  It explores my life journey from being a nightclub stripper in my twenties to meditation training in peeling away layers of delusion in later life. Many layers! It was performed at the University of East Anglia, UK.

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